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Beginning of firm history

In the beginning of the 50's W.O. Westphalen based the firm. Company name: W. Westphalen Landmaschinen
Putting into production of conveyors, mobile sugar beet loading plants and special design of all kinds. Since this time was also Rolf Kann in operation active.


Putting into production of stationary grain tilting stages

Rolf Kann took over as complementary the management
Company name: W.Westphalen & Kann KG Maschinenbau

Putting into production of mobile loading ramps

Putting into production of hydraulic baling presses
Withdrawal of the limited partner W.O. Westphalen. The company becomes of Rolf Kann
as private firms resumed.
Company name: Westphalen & Kann Maschinenbau Inh. R.Kann.

Entrance of Thomas Kann into the company.

Putting into production of transportable container tilting stages tofilling and final loading.

Thomas Kann steps as a limited partner into the company.
Company name: Westphalen & Kann Maschinenbau Inh. R.Kann KG

W & K celebrates its 50th anniversary on the first of January.

Admission of production of shelf systems to store color buckets.

Thomas Kann takes over the managment as complementary.
Company Name: Westphalen & Kann Inh. Thomas Kann KG

Taking up production of Container Cleaning Brushes.

Rolf Kann ruled out as a limited partner of the management.

Thomas Kann takes over as the sole owner of the business.
Copnay Name: Westphalen & Kann Maschinenbau -  Owner Thomas Kann e.K.