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  • All requirements for economic and safe operating are fulfilled during the operation of our tilting stages
  • The clear arrangement of the command keys enables a simple and safe operation of our tilting stages
  • The command keys are naturally locking and lockable andcorrespond the UW VBG 14

Transportable means: No foundations · No attachment · No recess · Simplest list


Setting up of our transportable container tilting stages is economically, fast and without covered addition costs.

When desired, we supply also Container filling systems.


Problem-free and fast setting up on hall floors without attachment. During the tilting process ensures a bag property supportwall for the fact that the bag property arrives carefully and evenly at the hydraulic dosing flap. The hydraulic dosing flap provides for an even and careful transfer of the bag property on the conveyor. You have the guarantee with our tilting stages that your load will unload as fast and carefully, thus economically as possible.
The conception of our transportable container tilting stages permits the economic unloading of most different goods.

When desired our container tilting stages can be equipped also as electronic vehicle scale.

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Flyer Container Tilting Stages