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  • during loading, the ramp remains standing on its own chassis
  • the height of the ramp is adjusted by special support props which carry a weight of up to 50t
  • standardized delivery includes an adiustable hand crank;electric drive is available on application
  • our tailgate with a surface of 0.80m x 2.20m provides a smooth-flow pathway to the loading surface
  • our treadplate is easy on tyres, non-Slip and self-cleaning, thus ensuring you absloutely safe usage of our ramps even in ice and snow
  • each model can be hot-dipped on application;this guarantees log-life despite daily usage
  • more details, in particular technical, on request


 The KS Model offers you several important advantages:

  • our three-sided loading enables you to service up to three trucks simultaneously
  • no hurdle in conforming the loading sur- faces individually;even uneven ground poses no more problems
  • Our loading bridge offers optimum comfort with measurements of 1.50m length and 2.20m width
  • Only a slight height adjustment of the ramp
  • Best possible crossing from ramp to loading surface especially for loading equipment with restricted ground space.
  • While loading wagons over the buffers to the loading surface or to the floor of the container
  • Can be swivelled hydraulically or by hand

Available as special equipment
Quick coupling for the proper transportation method of the ramp
More details, in particular technical, on request


Mobile access ramps with hydraulic central chassis

  • centrally placed chassis gives the ramp manoeuvrability in the most restricted of spaces
  • The robust hydraulic is designed to be maintenance-free and user friendly
  • A floating position during loading automatically balances the suspension of the truck
  • use of our tried and tested non-Slip surface here too to ensure safe usage of the ramps
  • hot-dipping guarantees long life
  • the express transport coupling makes using the ramps easierk

More details, in particular technical, on request

Special models

Ramp K

Weight-bearing capacity up to 15 t
BASF Ludwigshafen with sideadjustable loading bridge and E - drive

Mobile access ramps

Designed for track vehicles, Max. weight-bearing capacity up to 70t.

Stationary access ramps

Large utilizable floor space 18m x 8.5m
A special pdestrian ramp with handrail provides optimum safety.
Max. capacity 25t.

Loading bridge

NUsable floor space 2.20m x 1.50m
Ideal for loading and unloading. Level height adjustable using wagon buffer springs.

Mobile loading bridge

Especially suitable for direct loading of containers. Robust and safe.

Ramp with E-Drive and hydraulically tiltable Loading bridge

BMW Dingolfing Length 18.50 m with E- Drive and hydraulically tiltable Loading bridge.

Loading bridge M

for Passenger car loading and railroad waggon


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